Check out these three perspectives on which C-Level role is ultimately responsible for Digital Transformation success.

While the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) has emerged as a strategic member of the C-Suite, is the role currently under threat?

How are CMOs and CIOs navigating the Digital Transformation journey?

And what exactly is the CEO supposed to do?

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The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer

Many non-digital native companies have placed their digital future in the hands of one person: The Chief Digital Officer (CDO). The CDO job description usually goes like this: Responsible for the transition of analog businesses into digital businesses with new technologies and data.

There’s plenty of debate on whether the CIO, or some other role, will replace the CDO as companies reach digital maturity. While there are others that believe Digital Transformation is a never-ending journey, ensuring the role isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Whether you’re a CDO or not, this slideshow is worth a read. It’s a recent Information Management post on the 20 Best Practices of Top CDOs. Here’s a sample:

  • Articulate a compelling vision on how digital transforms your business
  • Engage stakeholders at all levels
  • Instill a culture of flexibility
  • Orchestrate an ecosystem-driven business
  • Drive innovation

Get the full list here.

New CMO, Meet the New CIO

More than ever, today’s CMOs and CIOs are working together as a result of Digital Transformation. According to this Forrester Podcast on the The (R)evolution of the CMO and CIO, both roles are rapidly changing.

For CMOs, growth is at the top of the agenda. For CIOs, success is about business value above everything else. Either way, according to the Forrester experts, for CMOs and CIOs, now is the “best time ever” to be in your job.


Because today’s CMOs and CIOs are enabling “emotional high frequency” customer experiences — and this is the key to achieving sustainable growth, according to the Forrester podcast. Success is tied to bringing all of your company’s systems, applications and data together, but it’s not just about technology. It’s everything, including sales, customer service, and brand communications.

You can listen to the full Forrester podcast here.

What about the CEO?

Another view from McKinsey puts Digital Transformation success squarely on the CEO. In its recent article, Why Digital Transformation is Now on the CEO’s Shoulders, McKinsey says we are in the midst of a “mass disruption in the corporate world.”

Whether its Apple, Amazon or Alphabet, when massive disruption happens it’s usually behind the vision and execution of an ‘out-of-this-world’ CEO.

So, what are CEOs back here down on Earth doing? Here are some great examples for inspiration, including:

  • Setting Up C-Suite Digital Transformation Teams
  • Bringing in New Talent
  • Visiting the Disrupters
  • Conducting Innovation Boot Camps

See the full McKinsey article here, which also discusses how big data, artificial intelligence (AI), elastic cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are impacting everything.

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