A recent article in CIO offered some good news for the C-Suite. Author Paul Heltzel wrote, “As the economy continues to improve, CIOs are less hampered in 2019 by tightening budgets.” But it’s not all smooth sailing for enterprise IT. The piece identified 11 IT headaches currently plaguing many CIOs, including the ones we’ve summarized here:

  • Data Protection: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the two of the main culprits here. To solve the former issue, some experts interviewed by CIO pushed for international guidelines on consumer privacy to make it easier for companies to be in compliance.
  • Skills Gap: This is a perennial challenge, but many believe it can be addressed by expanding the pool of potential talent. Given the pervasiveness of technology, it’s no longer a best practice to source new hires solely from leading computer science or engineering programs. Companies that employ a more holistic and liberal approach to recruiting and hiring might be surprised by the results—and their ability to relieve the pressure associated with this common complaint.
  • Supporting Digital Natives: Regardless of how companies approach recruiting, it’s a fact that digital natives will soon be the largest demographic in the workplace. As CIO’s Paul Heltzel puts it, “a new workforce of employees who grew up with digital technology demands new ways of working that will boost the bottom line.” While this is certainly a plus, it can be challenging for companies to determine the right policies and procedures that allow Gen Z and subsequent generations the tech freedom they require while simultaneously protecting the organization.
  • Digital Transformation: It’s not surprising that this is both a top priority and a top challenge for CIOs. However, companies will not be able to achieve their digital transformation goals until IT is viewed as a strategic, value-generating part of the business. For many organizations, this will entail a realignment of internal processes. For the CIOs working at these organizations, their digital transformation journey is twofold. They will only be able to embark on efforts to speed digital innovation  after they have overcome the first step of positioning their department as a strategic asset.

To read more about these and other CIO challenges and what you can do to address them check out Heltzel’s article in its entirety here.