APIs continue to reshape the IT landscape, enabling groundbreaking collaborations between applications by sharing the data they hold inside.

We’ve been hot on the topic of data sharing here on the APEX of Innovation lately, including a post on how it’s opening up new partnerships between longtime competitors like General Motors and BMW. But the power of bringing apps and data together does not end there. Companies are also looking inward for opportunities to draw and act upon shared sources of data. And it’s APIs that are making it happen.

See how Edwards Lifesciences uses APIs to keep up with its fast growth and an increasing “mish-mash” of applications. To give you an idea of the challenge this leading medical device manufacturer was facing, consider this: The company needed to integrate data across 30 business apps, all running on Amazon Web Services, including a product lifecycle management system, an ERP system, a manufacturing execution system, the list goes on. See the full video below to learn more:

Edwards Lifesciences

APIs are also helping companies improve the customer experience. News Corp Australia recently leveraged an API management solution from TIBCO to quickly and easily expose media assets across its platforms and realize their full potential with no incremental costs.

Also, retail powerhouse, Macy’s, uses APIs to leverage customer data across touchpoints to improve offers and better engage with millennials. This helps bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds and convert more sales on mobile devices.

Have you looked into how APIs can transform your business?

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