As companies strive to deliver more connected experiences for both customers and employees, cloud integration is quickly establishing itself as the linchpin holding it all together. This includes applications, data, devices, partners, web, mobile, and processes–everything. 

According to TIBCO, “Cloud integration, a subset of the larger field of systems integration, refers to the combination of practices, tools, and technology a business uses to connect on-premises, local, and cloud applications, data, services and systems, and even whole IT environments, so that data from these disparate systems can be easily accessed and shared on one platform. Once combined, the data and services can be shared or accessed via multiple devices either over a network or the Internet.”

How are cloud integration efforts going at your company?

For support, watch the TIBCO video below. It provides a great overview of the key elements of cloud integration, as well as advice on how to help bring it all together, including working with the right people and roles from across the company.

TIBCO Cloud Integration