AI adoption has soared in the past eighteen months, with a recent poll finding that 86 percent of companies believe AI is becoming a mainstream technology within their organization. We can only expect this to accelerate into the new year, with 67 percent of respondents saying they plan to advance their AI strategy further in the months ahead. 

We’ve already seen significant advancements in areas such as computer vision, edge AI, and AI-driven software coding. So, what can we expect as 2022 dawns? Recent predictions from Forrester seek to answer that question with numerous forecasts for AI, including: 

Embedded AI 

Embedded AI gained traction to bridge the business-to-customer divide that emerged during the pandemic, from things like grocery delivery to supply-chain optimization. Forrester believes this will accelerate in 2022, with more organizations embedding AI at the core of everything, from architecture to operations. As this happens, companies can shrink the latency between insights, decisions, and results and continue to the next phase of their digital transformation journeys. 

Responsible AI

As we’ve discussed in previous APEX of Innovation posts, responsible AI is becoming increasingly important as AI and ML innovations mature. Some regulated industries have already adopted these solutions to ensure that AI principles like fairness and transparency become consistent practices. Forrester predicts that the demand for responsible AI will extend to other verticals using AI for critical business operations in the coming year. With this increased adoption, it follows that ML vendors may acquire specialized responsible AI providers to incorporate abilities like bias detection, interpretability, and model lineage capabilities. 

Creative AI 

Creativity is generally considered an intrinsically human trait, but this may not be the case forever. South Africa granted its first patent to a creative AI system in 2021, though the US and EU rejected the same application over concerns that technology systems should not receive such patents. Nevertheless, the milestone South African legislation will no doubt encourage further innovation and exploration of creative AI, and Forrester believes we’ll see more patent approvals in 2022.

Head over to the Forrester blog for more on the above trends and what they may deliver in the year ahead.