A picture’s worth a million words.

That may be the new catchphrase as analytics and business intelligence drive breakthroughs in areas like data visualization. And it’s just one example of how businesses are tapping into the power of data discovery in real-world environments to deliver real-world results.

New stats recently released from the 2018 TIBCO CXO Innovation Survey suggest that the use of analytics and business intelligence is making its way across the enterprise. Below are the top three examples that the survey uncovered, along with a video that shows the use case in action. Take a look:

1. Personalizing Customer Experience While new and different analytics use cases are becoming more pervasive across the business, improving customer service and engagement usually tops the adoption list. More efficient, data-driven customer interactions have been around since the 1990s. But today’s advances in areas like predictive analytics are making the vision of one-to-one customer relationships a reality. Below you can see how inQuba helps “listen” to the voice of the customer and take immediate action with its customer experience orchestration platform — powered by analytics and BI:

2. Real-Time Decision Making The ability to decide and act instantly is the new norm in today’s digital world. To get there, you need to bring together all your systems, processes and people including partners and external members of your ecosystem. Hear how Rome Airport brought together its intricate, far-reaching systems to analyze data from customers, as well as providers like airlines. This enables airport management to take immediate actions to ensure a smooth “passenger flow” at the airport at all times. Watch it here:

3. Data Visualization With big data came a big need to make this newly available information easier to access and consume allowing for the time to actually do something with it. Enter Data Visualization, which does is pretty much exactly what it says: Provides a visual representation of data in the form of graphs, charts, and infographics to enable faster insight and action — usually in the form of dashboards and management consoles. Listen to Sage Human Capital CEO Paul Grewal explain how implementing analytics tools and easy-to-use dashboards made it easier to track progress on candidate searches and make more data-driven strategic recommendations to its clients:


What’s more, while the three use cases above ranked among the top called out by TIBCO CXO Innovation Survey respondents, others are also getting traction at companies worldwide. This includes optimizing pricing and merchandising, improving marketing campaign performance, automating stock and inventory management, and better-managing people resources.

Stay tuned!