As we close out 2018, here’s a look back at some of our favorite videos featured here on the APEX. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. If you want to learn more, there’s a link to the original post after each video.

  1. Is Artificial Intelligence Actually Hurting the Customer Experience?

See how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting the customer experience in this video, featuring Google Assistant with Duplex AI capabilities in action. Making a dinner reservation has never been easier

Learn about other AI examples for CX, including chatbots, personalization, and emotion recognition in the complete APEX post here.

2. Where Does Innovation Happen? It’s Not Where You Think

See innovation happen when a team from Adidas collaborated with Silicon Valley start-up Carbon to bring the world’s first 3D-printed sneaker to market.

Learn more about how to unlock innovation in new places across your company in the complete APEX post here.

3. The World’s First AI-Powered Network News Anchor

China’s Xinhua state news agency recently introduced an English-speaking AI anchor whose voice and appearance are based on a real Chinese TV news anchor. Does it appear real to you?

Learn more by checking out the original APEX post here (add link 12/19).

4. Rome Airport Reduces Turbulence with Visual Analytics

Hear Rome Airport CIO Emiliano Sorrenti tell his story on how data visualization played a key role in the airport’s amazing digital transformation story—a journey that continues today.

You can read more about Rome Airport in the original APEX post here.

5. Data Sonification: The Sound of Income Inequality in New York City

Okay, it’s not really a video, but we guarantee you’ll be equally engaged. Hear how data sonification takes U.S census data on median incomes and turns it into music.

You can read the full APEX post on data sonification here.

Thanks for watching and be on the lookout for more videos that will help you reach the peak of innovation in 2019.