Imagine creating a line of products that you could be 100% certain your customers would want, need, and most importantly: buy. On a predictably regular basis.

This is precisely what Hello Alfred is developing with their line of Alfred Home Essentials. Its products are informed by surprisingly intimate data on their customer’s buying habits — down to the brand of toothpaste, laundry detergent, and cereal they keep in their cupboards. Even Amazon can’t get this close.

But Hello Alfred has no plans to be a consumer products goods (CPG) company.

The NY-based startup offers hotel-style concierge services to apartment-dwellers around the U.S. (essentially a personal assistant who takes care of weekly shopping and errands with trusted in-home delivery.) Since launching in 2014, they now serve over 10,000 homes in 17 urban areas nationwide, and recently raised a $40M Series B — much of which will be invested in data ops.

Why the new focus on data?

It’s all about data discovery. Hello Alfred’s unique access to clients’ homes gives them (and newly-minted partner companies like Perrier, Charmin and Diageo) a wealth of data on customer tastes and habits, along with and a unique opportunity to expose them to new products.

On a larger scale, companies are leveraging “data exhaust” to improve and predict digital processes by better understanding user behaviors and preferences. According to Techpedia, “data exhaust refers to the data generated as trails or information byproducts resulting from all digital or online activities. These consist of storable choices, actions and preferences such as log files, cookies, temporary files and even information that is generated for every process or transaction done digitally. This data can be very revealing about an individual, so it is very valuable to researchers and especially to marketers and business entities.”

Do Hello Alfred’s customers mind that it knows so many intimate details about them?

Co-founder and CEO, Marcella Sapone, says users can opt out of data collection, but so far more than 90% have consented to have their preferences catalogued, which helps optimize their experience in the end. It’s a small price to pay for the luxury of having someone do your dirty laundry, quite literally.

And Hello Alfred hits a double-whammy by using big data to launch new business initiatives and revolutionize the customer experience by more accurately anticipating their wants and needs. It’s high-tech meets high-touch.

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