Recently, Gartner held its Data & Analytics Summit Americas event. As would only be expected of such an event, a number of fascinating topics and emerging trends arose from the presentations and discussions.

One of the most significant of these is the increasing importance of composable analytics, which Gartner stressed is not a single tool but rather a set of tools combined into a solution. Microservices and containerization unify the pieces necessary to create the service, while metadata powered by a graph database holds it together. Gartner believes composable data initiatives might uncover new ways of packaging data as part of a service or product and open up opportunities for departments other than IT to participate in data monetization using low-code and no-code tools.

Other key takeaways from the summit include:

  • Engineering decision intelligence: As decision-making has grown more complex, decision support technologies have matured. Engineering decision intelligence frames a wide range of techniques, from conventional analytics to artificial intelligence (AI), in order to align and tune decision models and make them more repeatable, understandable, and traceable.
  • Data and analytics as a core business function: Gartner points to the pandemic’s disruption of business operations as one of the drivers behind data and analytics becoming more central to an organization’s success. As this trend accelerates, companies will have to prioritize data analytics and related investments as well as increase data literacy efforts to ensure that more teams have the abilities and access necessary to succeed.
  • Data and analytics at the edge: Gartner also expects to see new use cases emerging at the edge, with companies able to embed analytics, AI, and decision intelligence into edge applications. Whether it’s providing better predictive maintenance for factories, delivering new insights to oil rigs, or enabling better mobile apps, organizations have countless opportunities to benefit from intelligence at the edge. For more on these use cases and what you can do to build a business case for the edge, check out this previous APEX of Innovation post.
  • The augmented consumer: Another trending topic discussed at the summit was how analytics are evolving to meet business consumer needs. This end-user group is looking for analytics exploration that’s easier and richer, and Gartner expects to see the emergence of more conversational and interactive analytics experiences across new channels, such as voice, mobile, and web applications.

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