Finding a company not committed to delivering a great customer experience these days is almost impossible. There’s little debate. Great customer experience is great for business. It drives more sales, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth.

But what about those brands that somehow take it to another level, the ones known for delivering memorable customer experiences? From the CEO down to entry-level employees, especially those out on the front lines engaging with the customer, these companies have figured out ways to rise above the hype when it comes to delivering a great customer experience.

Below we take a look at three companies known for their commitment to customer experience. Rather than retelling their stories here, we decided to zero in on the specific actions that each company takes in the moments that matter. Whether it’s a phone call, feature film, or the in-flight experience, these companies have figured it out:     


With a stated company purpose To Live and Deliver WOW, Zappos has built its reputation on memorable experiences. What may not be as well known is its commitment to championing its employees to deliver on this promise. For the leading online shoe retailer, the customer experience moment that matters most is the phone call.

According to a recent Forbes article on Zappos by customer experience guru Micah Solomon, the phone call is how and where the company connects with its customers. The key to success: authenticity. Zappos employees are trained to recognize opportunities to connect with customers beyond just the facts, resulting in real conversations that create relationships. “The connection can be anything, as long as it authentically relates to the customer. Hear a dog bark, connect over pets. Hear a kid in the background, ditto,” says Megan Petrini, a customer service trainer/training facilitator for Zappos.


For Netflix, customer obsession is more than a state mind. It’s up close and personal—thanks to data. The streaming services leader uses the massive amounts of data it has on its customers to deliver “hyper-personalized” experiences. The company aims to know everything about its customers’ viewing preferences, maybe even better than the actual viewers themselves.

But it’s not just about collecting data, it’s what Netflix does with that data that enables it to truly connect with its customers. This includes recommending a customer’s favorite shows and movies time and time again as well as creating its own content that’s based on what the customer wants to see next. The resulting personalization has disrupted the movie and television industry, putting companies like Blockbuster Video out of business and transforming the way people consume content.

Jet Blue

Finally, we turn to an airline that’s been disrupting the travel industry since its inception in 1999: Jet Blue. For this New York-based air carrier, being proactive is the key to effectively managing the moments that matter, preventing customer issues before they arise.

How do they do it?

By connecting data across the customer journey to ensure that employees can help customers every step of the way. The company recently completed a technology initiative aimed at connecting the various data silos within the company that were contributing to disconnected customer experiences. In doing so, it armed its 21,000 employees with the information needed to be predictive and proactive with customers at all times. The result: amazing customer experiences that have consistently ranked the airline among the top carriers in the US.

We hope the above examples serve as a useful reminder that delivering great customer experience often comes down to effectively managing the moments that matter most to your customers. To get there, be sure your people are properly trained, have the right information at their fingertips, and practice a culture of excellent customer experience.