In a recent APEX of Innovation post, we examined a few use cases revealing AI is primed to deliver maximum value. We’re picking up where we left off, delving into some additional examples of AI models that are worth considering for your organization. Among them: 

Language Services 

Natural language understanding, natural language processing, text-to-speech, and language translators are the forces behind consumer services Alexa and Siri. They are also delivering numerous business use cases—think things like customer service chatbots or live, multilingual transcription. 

Personality Insights 

Drawing on personality and sentiment analysis technologies, companies can predict customer behaviors and infer details like tone and intent. From a B2B perspective, organizations can use these models to get a real-time take on the employee experience and address issues before they snowball into larger problems. 

Smart Documents 

Smart documents support self-indexing data, enabling companies to complete complex queries and transformations. This technology allows organizations to analyze virtually any document, from candidate applications to vendor receipts to employee training records. 

Visual Recognition 

The factory floor offers a great example of advanced visual recognition capabilities at work. Security, asset location, and barcode scanning are handled by powerful cameras that can help increase efficiencies and workplace safety. 

Content Classifiers 

Content classifiers draw on machine learning to analyze text and label and organize data into custom categories. Among the common enterprise use cases are spam filters or accounting software that can scan receipts and categorize expenses—often directly from the employee’s mobile device. 

The piece also contains some important criteria to consider before purchasing, including: 

  • Confirm that the use case in question is not strictly an automation play 
  • Ensure that clear ROI/KPI benchmarks exist that map directly to tasks currently performed by employees 
  • Verify that there is an off-the-shelf AI solution with a large, well-trained model readily available 

Head to TechRepublic for more on these and other use cases available today via numerous in-market AI models.