As we do at the end of every year, we’re pleased to share our top posts from 2020. In a year like no other, there was no shortage of topics to cover around innovation and the impact of data on your business. Read on for our top five most-read posts of the year. Enjoy!

5. Need Better Collaboration? There’s an App for That

Focusing on the employee experience will be critical as the workforce continues to be more distributed, mobile, and virtual, including WFH employees. Collaboration in particular is impacting everything from hiring and retention to knowledge sharing to competitive differentiation.

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4. Achieve IT Success on a Limited Budget

More than ever, doing more with less is a challenge for every CIO. Unfortunately, 2021 is not likely to see this trend disappear. Learn how to keep current IT operations up and running while continuing on the path of digital transformation with five useful tips.

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3. The 7 Distinct Roles of the Chief Data Officer

Today’s CDOs wear many hats, including playing the role of data architect, data governor and data defender–all at the same time. As we enter a new year with new challenges, see all the ways today’s CDOs are contributing to the business.

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2. The Challenges to Creating a Data-Driven Culture

Learn about the ten challenges most companies face in their journey to build a data-driven culture and how you can overcome them, including starting at the top, freeing up data scientists and using data analytics to benefit employees, not just customers.

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1. Five Organizational Change Management Myths—and How to Bust Them

As change is expected to remain constant in the year ahead, organizational change management has become critical to business success. Learn how to adapt your company when and where it’s needed to succeed in 2021 and beyond.

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As always, we thank you for reading the APEX of Innovation. See you in 2021!