The chatbots are here!

The question is are they helping or hampering customers?

Today, many artificial intelligence (AI) deployments are in the area of customer service. In fact, the customer experience space is turning out to be a proving ground for ‘real-world’ AI successes.

As companies navigate this new territory, below are three use cases that stand out:

  1. Blended Bots and Agents While AI will fully automate some customer-facing processes, the overwhelming majority of research finds that customers still prefer some level of human contact when seeking help. As a result, AI use cases that are designed to augment live agent support and speed customer service processes are getting the most traction with companies.  
  2. Personalization The wealth of customer data now in the hands of companies is putting AI to work in the call center. By analyzing things like customer consumption data, companies like Netflix and Amazon are making AI-powered recommendations that drive “one-to-one” relationships with customers. The goal is to move from managing customer service to creating memorable experiences that define their brand and set them apart from the competition.
  3. Emotion Recognition and Image Detection – Companies are using AI to explore new ways to anticipate sales and service opportunities. This includes areas like emotion recognition and data discovery to determine how customers are feeling online or on the phone. This ‘emotional insight’ helps companies make more effective proactive offers. It also empowers agents to intervene at just the right moment to save a sale, including during shopping cart abandonment.

But wait!

AI isn’t here just for businesses to reap the benefits.

See how Google Assistant with its new Duplex AI capabilities is bringing about a radical change in the way customers will communicate with businesses. If you watch just one video today, make it this one. From C-Net, it features audio from AI-powered phone calls that literally turns the tables on customer experience. Take a look:

Bottom Line: Using AI to improve customer service is here to stay. When harnessed properly, there’s no doubt that it’s helping improve the customer experience.

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