The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to shake up industries, cities, and just about anything that involves a connected device. Below we take a look at some of the latest use cases impacting everything from how we buy products to how we get home from work every night.

Retail Industry

According to a recent Network World article, the IoT is transforming the retail industry completely. This includes beacons in the form of small Bluetooth devices that push out offers and invites to a customer’s smartphone. The messages can be based on their location and other preferences, including previous shopping behavior and recent purchases. Retail management and operational efficiency is also getting a boost from solutions like “smart shelves” that more efficiently manage inventories and the supply chain, as well as smart lighting and foot-monitoring software that analyzes in-store traffic to find areas for an improved experience. Finally, sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) that blend the digital physical worlds are making ambient commerce a reality and creating a new way for retail to engage Generation Z.

Smart Cities

IoT technology is helping create smart cities around the world. A recent Innovation Enterprise article shares one example from Cary, North Carolina, where the innovative city has implemented IoT technology in its traffic lights. Rather than waiting for someone to notify workers about outages and issues, the new system detects problems on its own as soon as they happen. The system automatically alerts the utility company and repair technicians can be sent out immediately to fix the problem—all while keeping cars moving and citizens on time.

Edge Computing

The Innovation Enterprise article also discusses the rise of edge computing, which puts more processing power and intelligence into end-user devices instead of the Cloud. With localized processing power and data on board, IoT devices can perform tasks more efficiently at a lower cost with less latency issues related to network performance.

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