What if on your drive to work you could predict with almost absolute certainty when and where your next flat tire would occur?

It’s this type of ‘see-into-the-future’ knowledge combined with the ability to act upon it that’s providing the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team with an advantage.


Because in the ultra-competitive world of Formula 1 racing, technology and the people behind the scenes are as critical to winning as the person behind the wheel. In fact, according to four-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton from a recent Good Morning America interview, the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team comprises of 1,800 people to build its two cars.

Today’s Formula 1 teams collect more than 3,000 pieces of data from each car every second of every race. By the end of a race weekend, they’ve generated terabytes of data that could unlock the secret to winning future races. 

For example, by exposing operational data and integrating it with strategic data, the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team can analyze when overtakes or passes happen, and then use predictive analytics to ‘visualize’ where they’ll take place in the future based on a multitude of data points. The data is so rich, they can even predict the exact lap and exact spot on the track where the overtake will occur.

Hear how they do with it directly from the team’s Chief Strategist, James Vowles, in the video below, including how the opening up of data across systems brought the team closer together and accelerated innovation:


Don’t miss the race this weekend, taking place in Austin, Texas.