As the pandemic continues to take its devastating toll, it’s difficult to say when our lives will return to normal. If you’re an IT exec, it likely means you will be managing either a fully-remote or at least hybrid workforce for the foreseeable future.

What can you do to keep people motivated, engaged, and collaborative while also driving the business forward?

Below are a few suggestions for successfully leading IT remotely:

Prioritize Staff Needs

People do their best work when they feel like their needs are being met. Make sure that your employees have all the technology they need to do their jobs remotely and in the way that will make them the most successful. Maybe it’s equipping home-based employees with a monitor or keyboard if that’s what they are used to using, or perhaps it’s providing hotspots or internet boosters to mitigate the bandwidth challenges that can arise with multiple people working remotely. Whatever it is, demonstrating your willingness to help your team get what they need can go a long way in motivating them and, in turn, engendering their best work.

Keep Connected

This suggestion may seem obvious, but it can still get easily overlooked in the fire drills that arise throughout a typical day. It’s critical that managers take the time to touch base with IT staff, both via ad hoc check-ins and more formal virtual events, like happy hours or game nights.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

In their focus on employees’ well-being, IT execs can’t overlook what’s best for their own productivity and mental health. Setting up a dedicated workspace for remote work, if possible, can help keep you focused and also strike a better work/life balance. This helps you to not only do your best work but also makes you much more likely to be able to motivate your team to perform better.

Don’t Forget to Grow Your Own Career

In a similar vein, it’s also important that IT execs continue to nurture their careers. You can participate in online certificate programs to grow knowledge in a particular area or take part in local networking groups offering virtual socials where you can meet new people in a similar field. Whatever the opportunity, don’t let these chances to focus on your professional betterment fall by the wayside.

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