Doing more with less is a perennial challenge and one of the reasons AI solutions are gaining traction in virtually every enterprise area. In this post, we’ll be looking specifically at marketing and how artificial intelligence technology is helping companies drive efficiencies and optimize campaigns. 

Work Smarter Through Automation

Automation is one of AI’s key benefits. Offloading repetitive, rule-based tasks to a computer can free up employee time to focus on content creation or other marketing endeavors. However, this isn’t the only way automation drives marketing improvements. Companies are using AI and automation with greater frequency to analyze customer data, determine which personas are most likely to respond to particular content or offers, and then optimize campaigns accordingly. 

Level Up Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics can provide vital insight into campaign ROI so that marketers don’t waste time on campaigns that aren’t delivering. The technology is also essential for understanding customer behavior, thereby enabling marketers to deliver more targeted content and increase conversions. Of course, it’s also important that companies abide by consumer privacy considerations. Check out this previous APEX of Innovation post for more on how to do so effectively. 

Build Strategic Partnerships

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly prevalent in both the B2B and B2C realms. AI can assist brands in finding relevant influencers through natural language processing, or NLP. Through voice recognition, learning algorithms can listen to what industry experts are saying across television, blogs, and social channels and classify their content accordingly. This can save marketers a significant amount of time and also identify worthy influencers who might not have been detected via traditional research methods.

Generate Click-Worthy Content

Strong online content is critical to the success of any digital marketing initiative. Emerging AI innovations can help brands make the content experience interactive and personalized, as well as provide recommendations for attention-grabbing headlines and SEO-optimized copy.

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