There’s an API for that.

Macy’s is successfully making the leap to digital business. The company is executing on a strategy that unleashes the power of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to get data to its customers and partners faster than ever before.

In a world where everything is connected, APIs are becoming the building blocks of the future. APIs connect people, systems and applications together by providing a set of routines, protocols, and tools for developing software applications.

Faced with massive market disruption and a new generation of mobile buyers unfamiliar with the term bring-and-mortar, Macy’s set out to implement API management to deliver the industry’s most innovative mobile application.

  • Why Attract millennial buyers to the Macy’s brand
  • What Convert more transactions on mobile devices
  • How With API management tools that enable contextual offers in real-time

Thriving in the API Economy

APIs have the power to make every business a platform. They’re quickly becoming the basis for new business creation and helping traditional companies make the leap to digital fast and easy.

Today, Macy’s is reporting strong growth as it continues to innovate its mobile experience, most recently bringing channels and touchpoints together by enabling customers to checkout in stores using their mobile phones.

So, what can executives do?

According to Gartner’s 10 Steps to the API Economy, below are some tips for CIOs and CDOs to help unlock the potential of APIs:

  • Your (Digital) Strategy Drives Your API Program
  • Tailor Your API Experiences for Your API Consumers
  • Monetization Is Much More Than Charging for Calls
  • Don’t Build Your Own API Management
  • Consuming APIs Will Be More Common Than Exposing APIs

You can see the complete Gartner article hereTo learn more about how Macy’s uses of API management tools to drive new market growth, read the complete case study here.