It’s no exaggeration to state that today’s CIOs face a number of disruptive scenarios—integrating emerging technologies, supporting an increasingly virtual and/or hybrid workforce, and identifying new avenues for driving business value through digital investments, to name just a few. A recent research project from the Hackett Group examined how tech leaders are navigating these and other challenges, and we’ve summarized some of the key findings below. 

CIOs Are Struggling to Address Skills Shortages 

The persistent skills gap is something we’ve explored in detail here at the APEX of Innovation. While the problem is well-documented, CIOs are still failing to find an adequate solution, with just 20% of survey respondents saying they are currently acting to resolve the issue. With many experts predicting the skills gap will widen due to the Great Resignation, companies must find a way to navigate the skills shortage and ensure their staff is equipped to maximize technology to its full potential. 

Tech Leaders Lack Confidence in Their Ability to Maximize Value from Data 

According to the research, data and analytics objectives comprise almost one-third of the top 10 technology priorities for 2022. In addition, the deployment growth rates in data visualization, advanced analytics, and master data management are among the highest projected for the year. Unfortunately, many tech leaders doubt their ability to meet business goals for maximizing value from their data and facilitating a mature enterprise analytics capability. Among the reasons cited for this lack of confidence was the pace at which data is growing, changing, and becoming more complex, along with the need for commitment from diverse owners of data within the business in order for initiatives to be successful. 

Digital Transformation Remains a Top Priority 

Not surprisingly, continuing to transform digitally remains a top enterprise objective. As CIOs look to improve time to value and agility, many are replacing in-house ownership of computing assets with brokering and orchestrating third-party and partner solutions. The survey found that nearly 90% of respondents are planning this or similar operating model changes in 2022.

2022 Focus 

In order to better navigate the above and other disruptive scenarios, the Hackett Group recommends companies focus on five areas, including spending strategically while managing inflation impacts, anticipating and mitigating the impact of talent shortages, and industrializing data and analytics capabilities.

For more on how to address the latter, check out this previous APEX of Innovation post.