A key theme here on the APEX of Innovation is data or insight monetization—the practice of using data to achieve measurable and meaningful financial outcomes, including new revenue streams or operational cost savings. While the topic is not new, real-world use cases continue to be somewhat elusive for companies.

Below we feature a recent Frost & Sullivan video that provides a unique and informative perspective on insight monetization as it relates to the rise of connected cars. In the video, Frost & Sullivan analysts provide their views on how to achieve success in data monetization—and how it’s about more than financials. In the case of connected cars, which provide at least 15-to-20 data points at any given moment, it’s about making life better, more convenient, and more connected for people. 

Watch the video to see how connected cars provide a great example for learning to develop and monetize new use cases at your company.

SOURCE: Frost & Sullivan

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