As part of our efforts to bring your more digital content here on the APEX of Innovation, today we have two videos on how data-driven technology is shaping the future of the retail industry. 

Along with the videos, we’ve broken down some of the highlighted trends, including hybrid physical-digital experiences, predictive engagement, and highly personalized interactions. 

Amazon’s New Fashion Store Suggests What to Try On

A recent Reuters article featured Amazon’s plans to open an ‘in-person’ fashion store powered by data analytics. Called Amazon Style, the new stores aim to create data-driven, connected experiences of the future for retail. 

According to the article, “Model items are on the racks, and customers scan a code using Amazon’s mobile app to select the color and size they would like. To try on the clothes, which are stored in the back, shoppers enter a virtual queue for a fitting room that they unlock with their smartphone when it is ready.” 

Once in the personalized dressing room, customers can continue to shop on touchscreens, getting new items directly delivered to the fitting room. See it in action below:

McKinsey & Company Predicts Future of Retail with Technology Everywhere

McKinsey & Company recently shared its view on what connected retail experiences will look like in 2030. From hybrid physical and digital shopping to predictive in-store interactions to new levels of personalization, the future of retail is happening right before our eyes. According to McKinsey, “The most successful retailers will be those that connect with consumers in new ways by leaning in on their digital, omnichannel, and in-store technology ambitions.” See the complete McKinsey & Company article on the future of retail and watch the vide here.

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