According to a recent McKinsey survey, those working in sales and marketing had the third-highest rate of AI adoption. Usage has only increased as the technology has matured over the last two years, providing marketers with numerous benefits, including: 

Campaign ROI 

AI makes it significantly easier for marketers to accurately predict the performance of data and campaigns. Armed with this information they can then make suggestions for optimizing those campaigns to achieve the maximum ROI. 

More Informed Decisions—Faster 

When data integration automation replaces manual processing, marketers can make better decisions in real-time. Rather than waiting for customer insights to be collected, integrated, and processed, companies can act on this information when they receive it, significantly increasing the likelihood of success. 

More Personalized Marketing 

Related to the benefit above, AI also helps companies get closer to their customers. The technology can provide insight into customer behavioral patterns, which can be used to develop customer personas, preferences, and dislikes. From there, marketers can suggest similar products or services that customers are likely to purchase and also show these individuals content most relevant to their demographic. 

Marketing Metrics 

AI can efficiently monitor the outcomes of countless customer touchpoints and provide unparalleled intelligence about campaign effectiveness. For example: 

  • Previous customer interactions 
  • Geographically specific occurrences 
  • Personality variables 
  • Sources of referrals 

Better Data Management 

AI marketing tools also can help reduce the risk of improper data interpretation, support optimal data integration, and eliminate data silos. 

Alleviating Employee Burden 

Another AI benefit is that it can be deployed 24/7 and maintain a high level of performance and production. In addition, it’s easy for the technology to acquire new skills and add these to its responsibilities without negatively affecting its output. For these and other reasons, the technology can complement employees’ work and help avoid burnout. 

Increased Customer Trust 

While the debate about AI and consumer privacy is still being waged, it’s safe to say the technology can also increase customer trust in certain situations. For example, AI-based cryptographic encryption and AI security systems give customers confidence that their financial details and other sensitive information is protected when interacting with a brand online.

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