According to a recent study, 97 percent of data executives believe data science is crucial to maintaining profitability and boosting the bottom line. The bad news is that nearly the same percentage points to flawed data science strategy, execution, and staffing as key impediments preventing organizations from reaching that goal.

This underscores the importance of building and nurturing the right team of data science professionals. Below, we’ve taken a look at some of today’s hottest data science roles and what they can do to drive your data science investments forward.

Database Manager

Database managers are responsible for identifying and addressing any issues that might impact the company’s databases. In addition, database managers have a hand in streamlining information and reporting, a capability that is becoming increasingly critical given the pervasive nature of BI and analytics.

Data Analyst

Data analysts are tasked with gathering and analyzing a wealth of enterprise information and making recommendations based on their findings. These resulting insights are instrumental for improving processes, reducing costs, identifying trends, and enhancing efficiency.

Data Modeler

Data modelers are systems analysts who design databases that translate complex enterprise data into usable computer systems. Their key focus areas are reducing data redundancy, improving data migration, and facilitating data retrieval.

Machine Learning Engineer

Another hot data science role is the machine learning engineer. These individuals design and create the AI algorithms capable of learning and making predictions that are so essential to machine learning.

Business Intelligence Developer

BI developers are critical to encouraging widespread adoption and consumption of data analytics. They create systems and programs that allow users to search and interact with important data sets, whether it’s via dashboards, search functions, data modeling, or data visualization applications. BI developers must have a thorough understanding of data science and user experience best practices and how the latter differs across all the user groups interacting with the data.

It’s clear that data science has the potential to help organizations increase profitability and gain a competitive advantage, but this can’t be achieved without the right data science team. Forty-eight percent of executives point to a lack of data skills as the top obstacle to data science success. 

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