The data revolution has impacted every industry, and auto racing is no exception. Check out this video interview from Entrepreneur magazine online, where David Meltzer talks to Matt Roberts, Global Research Director for Formula 1®, about how the company is using data to improve the customer experience of its global fan base.

Their discussion raised a number of interesting points, including how digital channels have permanently changed the experience for fans. Roberts references the traditional Formula 1® “purist,” who tends to be more old school and follows the sport via television only. The newer generation of F1 fans, by contrast, tend to have less interest in the full TV coverage, preferring to view race highlights and other types of bite-sized content online.

Meltzer suggests that this demographic may be even more knowledgeable than the purists, as they often research coverage and news online via various outlets, social media accounts, blogs, etc., and Roberts agrees.

It’s interesting how technology has completely transformed the fan experience in a very short period of time. Even more intriguing is how rapidly Formula 1® has embraced data analytics. Roberts declares it “a new world for F1,” saying that prior to 2017 the organization had no true sense of who their fans were or how to cater to their interests and preferences.

As a result, many F1 teams are turning to big data analytics to be more competitive. Datanami’s Alex Woodie spoke to Matt Harris, head of IT for Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, about his experiences using data visualization to analyze car data and identify any issues prior to race day. Harris says the technology helps “us to visualize our data so we can make more intelligent decisions quicker and faster, so that [we] don’t have to sift through data to work out what’s interesting.”

Now maybe next time you’re reading about your favorite sport online—be it F1 or curling—you’ll think about the role you’re playing in the digitalization of the fan experience. For more on the advantage analytics gives Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport take a look at this APEX post.