The banking industry is no stranger to digital transformation. In fact, it’s often the industry that leads the charge into uncharted innovation territory. ATMs. Online Banking. Mobile Apps. Location-Based Services. E-Wallets. Self-Service Banking. The list goes on, and will likely continue to go on as banks face fierce digital headwinds and more pressure to innovate than virtually any other industry out there.

As a result, many financial services companies have ambitious (and aggressive) goals for taking digital transformation to a whole new level. For example, KTBG, the IT business owned by Thailand’s K Bank, set out to create a “fully digital” banking experience. The goal: Enable customers to perform all banking activities on a mobile device. This includes opening an account, withdrawals, transfers, payments, and more. To do this, the company needed to bring together data from several different sources to deliver a completely digital experience. But, the systems were not keeping up, and customers were the ones feeling the pain of slow transactions and inefficient processes. 

Unifying Data for a Better Customer Experience

Bringing this disparate customer information and business intelligence together required a data virtualization layer that could unite anywhere from 12 to 15 data sources and 20 to 30 downstream systems all to support more than 10 million transactions per day for the bank. To get there, KTBG turned to TIBCO® Data Virtualization for a solution and today is delivering new and improved data services to customers, as well as better reporting capabilities for business leaders and executives. 

To hear the complete story firsthand, watch the video below featuring KTBG Deputy Managing Director Fred Roteserre:

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