In an article on automotive innovations at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Bloomberg’s Ian King and Edward Ludlow wrote, “This year, the…show is embracing an increasingly valuable byproduct of all this activity: data.” While they were referencing the growing connectivity of cars and the auto industry’s opportunities to monetize this information, the statement can be applied to CES 2020 more broadly.

This year’s innovations include the Vision S, Sony’s autonomous vehicle featuring 360° audio and a panoramic dash; RollBot, Charmin’s Bluetooth-enabled toilet paper fetching robot; and Alexa-enabled bicycle helmets. While these are certainly consumer-focused products, they are possible only because of the enterprise-grade technology that powers them.

As such, Bill Detwiler points to a key CES 2020 trend being that “the three big enterprise technologies that actually put the smarts in all those smart TVs, smart home gadgets, and smart health devices on the show floor—analytics, artificial intelligence, and the cloud. Whether you’re a CIO, IT worker, developer, or business professional, we all need to understand how these technologies are being used in consumer products and how they will affect our companies, our communities, and our careers.”

The prominent role of data analytics at CES underscores how critical it is to apply intelligence at the edge. As the consumer and business worlds alike become increasingly reliant on IoT, organizations need the ability to derive insights and act on edge data in real time. Or as SiliconANGLE’s Mark Albertson summarized in his CES coverage,  “A consequence of the need for AI at the device level is the growing demand for processing at the edge.” That’s why companies looking to capitalize on connected devices for competitive advantage need to first modernize their approach to analytics.

Consumers are likely years away from riding in the Vision S or availing of the RollBot’s convenience. And as NPR’s Shannon Bond states, “…that’s what much of CES is about: glimpsing the future of technology.”But for enterprise companies, that future is now in the form of harnessing the power of IoT through edge analytics. For more on the importance of applying intelligence at the edge, check out previous APEX of Innovation posts here and here.