Here we are again. It’s the end of another year. We hope you’re getting a little rest this holiday season, and thinking about everything that’s possible in the year ahead. To help, below are some of our best video posts from the year for a little inspiration. Enjoy!

1. ART-ifcial Intelligence: Painting the Future?

This past year saw some of the art world’s first applications of artificial intelligence. The resulting artworks not only had the art community take notice, but one piece sold for more than $400,000 at a Christie’s auction. See for yourself below:

A Painting Made By Artificial Intelligence Has Been Sold At Auction For $432,500 | TIME

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2. Data Analytics for Everyone

As data analytics becomes a core function and value contributor across the company, more and more employees are using it in their day-to-day jobs. See how researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Brown University are contributing to the cause, developing “drag and drop” tools that aim to drive broad adoption of data analytics:

Source: North Star

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3. How Innovation is Saving Lives

This year, there was no shortage of good news on how innovation is making the world a safer place. See this 2019 post on how the Internet of Things and new technologies like augmented reality are saving lives on today’s roads:

CrossHelmet Next Generation Motorcycle Helmet

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4. Data Virtualization Drives Fully Digital Banking

The banking industry is driving digital transformation across the globe in ways never before thought possible. See how TIBCO customer K Bank, a leading bank in Thailand, is delivering on its vision to provide its customers with a “fully digital” banking experience:

K Bank’s Fully Digital Customer Experience

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5. How Innovation is Powering the Clean Energy Industry

Clean energy is another industry that benefited big from innovation in 2019. See how some creative thinking from The Netherlands is coming up with new ways to harness energy that is being generated all around, every day. In this case, it’s pedal power. Check it out:

The S-Rack

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Thanks for reading—and watching—the APEX of Innovation. We’ll be on the lookout for more innovative ideas and videos in the new year ahead. Stay tuned!