As we wind down the clock on 2018, below are some of our favorite APEX posts from the year. Whether you’re reading them for the first time or re-visiting a favorite, we hope they provide a little inspiration for the year ahead.

Happy 2019!

1. The End of Free? Getting Paid for Personal Data

See how “free” platform providers use data to make money, and what consumers are doing to take back control of their privacy and personal information—including selling their data in a market projected to be worth billions.

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2. Henry Ford on Innovation

While other manufacturers were focused on the wealthy, Henry Ford built his automobiles for the masses, and in doing so revolutionized the industry and changed human history. Read about the lessons today’s business leaders can learn from his approach.

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3. TIBCO CXO Innovation Survey

Learn how innovation happens at companies, according to a global survey of 600 CXOs, senior vice presidents, vice presidents, senior directors, and directors from a wide range of industries. You’ll see where you sit on the digital transformation scale in areas like artificial intelligence, IoT, business intelligence, and analytics.

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4. Data Sonification: Stop and Listen to the Sunrise

Explore the emerging area of data sonification, the practice of mapping aspects of data to produce sound signals. The recent release of two examples couldn’t be further apart: A Martian sunrise and income inequality in New York City.

You can listen to both by reading the complete post here.

5. You’re Digitally Transformed. So, Now What?

Get the inside story from leaders like Salesforce’s Marc Benioff and former eBay CEO John Donahoe on how digital transformation remains a constant at successful companies. This includes going back to initial problems or ideas and asking new questions, and placing a relentless focus on digital execution, innovation, and operations.

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