One of the best ways for tech lovers to beat the winter blues is by celebrating all the new innovations coming out of the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Last month’s event offered insight into a number of exciting breakthroughs on the horizon this year, including:

1. Computer Vision Products

Spanning the gamut from self-driving cars to skincare products to luggage, products with sophisticated image recognition capabilities were a big part of CES 2019. Imagine a refrigerator that can send pictures of its contents to a mobile app and suggest recipes utilizing the ingredients it identifies. Samsung’s Family Hub Appliance does just that. These and other technologies backed with artificial intelligence (AI) will transform countless functions in our personal and professional lives, and this year’s CES underscored that it will happen sooner rather than later.

2. Voice Integration

Numerous consumer products were on display, demonstrating the benefit of integrating voice interfaces. However, to assume that this trend has no relevance to enterprise IT would be a mistake. As Lisa Morgan wrote in InformationWeek, “The consumer electronics space is fueling the growth of voice interfaces, so your company should be at least piloting them and testing them. Employees and customers will expect it.”

3. Intelligent Automation

Automation is everywhere these days—even homebrewing. PincoBrew’s home brew machine allows craft brew lovers to brew and drink there favorite beers at home.

RoomMe was another home automation innovation showcased at CES. The technology creates a sensor network throughout the home that enables individuals to create personalized profiles of every member of the house. Could this be the end of family squabbles over adjusting the thermostat or turning off the lights?

4. Data Science

In summarizing CES 2019 Larry Dignan wrote, “Devices have more data on usage than ever. Whether this data actually allows products to evolve over time remains to be seen.” Larry is posing a challenge to the industry: who will be the first to gain the analytics advantage of today’s technology innovations? Artificial intelligence, voice integration, computer vision, and other “smart” technologies abound, but it’s what companies can do with the analytics on the back-end that truly measures their intelligence.

So, what do all these CES innovations have in common? Certainly, they all have the potential to bring more convenience and efficiency to our lives. But even more exciting is the opportunity they represent to tap data science to fuel everything from product innovation to customer service to competitive intelligence and data monetization.