The new year is here, and with it come a number of predictions for how emerging technologies will shape the data analytics landscape in 2022 and beyond. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of these promising innovations, including: 

Cloud Boom 

According to Gartner, global public cloud spending is expected to increase almost 22 percent over 2021. There are many drivers behind this growth, most significantly, the ongoing chip shortage, omnipresent cost concerns, and the need for greater scalability. As more data engineering and analytics use cases migrate to the cloud, data leaders must align stakeholders throughout the organization and ensure they are trained in these new cloud technologies and processes. For more on getting the most from data science in the cloud, take a look at this previous APEX of Innovation post

Increased Adoption of DataOps 

In another recent post, we discussed the growing prevalence of DataOps, and we can expect this trend to continue to gain traction in 2022. More businesses will move away from relying on separate tools for ingestion, data preparation, ETL, and pipeline orchestration in favor of DataOps methodologies that automate data flows and monitor all data pipelines through a single dashboard. As DataOps adoption becomes more widespread, low-code/no-code platforms will become increasingly attractive for companies across sectors. 

Greater Reliance on Edge Analytics and 5G

Significant advances in 5G are addressing the latency limitations that have prevented widespread adoption of edge analytics to date. As the global 5G network infrastructure grows, computation and data storage will move closer to where data is generated, facilitating communication between edge devices at unprecedented speeds. This will make it significantly easier for organizations to make data-driven decisions and optimize the bottom line in virtually every industry. 

In fact, a Deloitte Digital study found that just a 100ms improvement in mobile retail speeds translates to an 8.4 percent increase in sales conversions. In 2022 and beyond, expect to see more tangible examples of how the power of 5G and intelligence at the edge are helping companies improve sales, proactively address maintenance problems, and streamline the supply chain, to name just a few examples.

We’ll be examining additional trends in future APEX of Innovation posts, so be sure to keep an eye on the blog and, in the meantime, head over to TDWI for more thoughts on how 2022 will shape the analytics industry.