The coronavirus pandemic will have a lasting impact on numerous aspects of work, including what skills are most critical to business success. A recent CNBC piece delved into this topic in greater detail, and outlined five critical areas in which workers should hone their abilities.

1. Data Science 

All of the business and education experts interviewed by CNBC stressed that being comfortable analyzing, interpreting, and harnessing data is an essential skill for the post-pandemic workforce. Businesses from numerous sectors have had to reimagine how they market products and services in a way that minimizes physical contact, and data analysis has played a central role in these decisions. The executives with whom CNBC spoke believe the world will become more data driven and focused on online interactions, necessitating that people in non-IT roles embrace data science. As further evidence of this trend, mastery of data science is the most sought after skill on job postings, according to LinkedIn.

2. Communication 

We’ve written about the importance of soft skills before here at the APEX of Innovation, but it bears repeating. Particularly as interactions become more virtual, the ability to clearly communicate with other people, demonstrate that you are listening to their feedback, and actively seeking ways to compromise when disagreements arise will be critical.

3. Creativity

In a similar vein, agility, flexibility, and creativity are also becoming increasingly important. In fact, creativity was the most in-demand soft skill in 2019 according to LinkedIn’s analysis. With many companies planning to operate with at least a partially remote workforce for the foreseeable future, creativity will be essential for navigating the resulting technical and interpersonal challenges and also for devising new approaches, products, and solutions for the workplace of the future.

4. Artificial Intelligence

According to the CNBC article, “Many of those [we] spoke with agreed that the coronavirus pandemic will accelerate the need for workers who specialize in automated intelligence and machine learning.” As the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution gains steam, workers should focus on sharpening their big-picture analytical skills and abilities, with many experts recommending Python as a key area in which employees should hone their abilities.

5. Cybersecurity

As more people work remotely and more companies shift their businesses online, it follows that cybersecurity concerns will increase. A 2019 study found that though nearly 3 million people worldwide work in cybersecurity, an additional 4 million workers would be needed to close the skills gap and adequately protect organizations.

Head over to CNBC for more on these in-demand skills and how you can put them to work in your organization.