According to Gartner, augmented analytics—the use of ML and natural language processing to enhance data analytics, data sharing, and business intelligence (BI)—have become a key differentiator for BI platforms. In today’s blog, we’ll examine some of the major benefits of augmented analytics and what it can do for your business. 

  1. Augmented Analytics Helps Companies Become More Agile 

Obtaining clean, quality data can be a time-intensive process, but augmented analytics makes it significantly faster. These platforms can quickly clean, merge and transform data from various sources and produce quality reports, thereby accelerating digital transformation efforts. 

  1. Augmented Analytics Expands Data Access 

Another benefit of augmented analytics is that it makes the technology accessible to more users. For example, instead of having to write SQL queries, non-technical users can write in natural language, increasing the number of queries performed throughout the company. By the same token, natural language generation helps users understand the results of those queries by describing them in words or automatically generating appropriate visualizations. 

  1. Augmented Analytics Helps Users Make Better, Data-Driven Decisions

It follows that with more pervasive data access, more employees will be empowered to make decisions based on data-driven insights. Moreover, non-technical stakeholders can arrive at these decisions without significant involvement from IT, freeing up data science teams to focus on more results-oriented projects. 

  1. Augmented Analytics Speeds Up Decision-Making 

By removing the manual labor and time associated with traditional data preparation and analysis, augmented analytics accelerates decision-making at every level of the organization. 

  1. Augmented Analytics Reduces Costs 

Rather than requiring data teams to spend hours preparing data, cleaning it, and getting it into the right format for reporting, augmented analytics uses AI and machine learning to automate the entire process. As a result, companies can move at a much faster pace and lay the foundation for long-term improvements that can continue to deliver big business benefits.

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