In a recent InfoWorld article David Linthicum argues that, when cloud-based AI first became available, the technology made its way into applications that did not actually require AI capabilities. This resulted in the technology being overused and ultimately rendered the solution less valuable. Or, as Linthicum puts it, “It’s like putting high-end, high-cost racing brakes on a subcompact car. The car will stop just fine with stock brakes; high-end models just waste money and resources.” 

With that in mind, following are three pragmatic cloud-based AI business cases where the technology can deliver maximum value: 

Business Applications with Potential Patterns in Large Amounts of Data 

These can either be new patterns identified in new data, or new patterns that emerge as a result of what the AI engine has processed and learned over time. In these scenarios, the AI engine improves as it analyzes more data and identifies more patterns. Linthicum offers examples of this at work in our daily lives—cars learn from driving patterns to adjust braking and acceleration accordingly, for example, while smart thermostats determine better patterns of use, and adjust temperature based on past preferences and current weather conditions. 

The Creation of New Data and/or Understanding 

A prime example of this business case can be found in the retail sector. Companies rely on online recommendation engines to better understand the customers they are interacting with and suggest products and services these individuals will likely purchase. Based on customer data, these engines can determine key customer demographics like age, income, location, and whether they are married or have children, and can increase sales by 20 percent or more. 

An Existing Data Set Combined with AI’s Ability to Determine New Meaning

As Linthicum puts it, it’s this use case that is why AI exists in the first place. The average organization knows they have valuable data, but the challenge lies in determining how to mine its value. 

Head over to InfoWorld for more on these use cases, and more from Linthicum on where cloud-based AI can best be deployed to deliver business value.