As we close out an unprecedented year filled with many challenges related to COVID-19 and continue to focus on recovery in the new year, the posts below offer tips and best practices for managing your company through the current crisis.

5. How to Avoid WFH Burnout

If you’re missing the office and your colleagues, you’re not alone. Learn new ways to keep you and your work-from-home employees energized and engaged, including maintaining boundaries and focusing on the most important work.

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4. McKinsey on Elevating CX in the Next Normal

Learn how companies can adapt to business during the current pandemic and how the changes could become more permanent following the crisis, including using digital channels and creating contactless customer journeys.

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3. The Implications of COVID-19 and What to Do Next

Understand how the COVID-19 crisis impacts your business and ways to move your company forward, including protecting your employees and planning for the next phase of growth in 2021 and beyond.

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2. Rebooting Data Science in a Post-Pandemic World

Learn the key considerations for moving forward with predictive analytics and machine learning following COVID-19 disruptions, including ramping up data auditing and stress testing and increasing the use of external data.

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1. 4 Essential Steps for a Post-COVID Recovery

Learn how business leaders are continuing to manage through the current COVID-19 crisis, while looking ahead to recovery by doing these essential things right, including reflection and rethinking work.

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